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14 Days In

  • Family Holidays
  • Summer Tours

Once a year Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian capital city, is putting everything on hold as the country's top wrestl…

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For 20 years, we, one of the best tour operators in Mongolia, specialize in creating private and custom adventure tours for small groups, and we also offer a selection of exploratories and fixed departures each year. Over 80 percent of our customers have traveled on custom or private adventure tours, either creating their own tour around specific interests or choosing one of our scheduled departures and booking it as a private tour, along with some personal touches.

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Trekking Lake Khuvsgul

14 Days In Northern Mongolia

Northern Mongolia

  • Summer Tours

Known to many as one of Mongolia’s most beautiful regions, Lake Khuvsgul is surrounded by high mountains reach…

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Terelj Khutai National Park Tour

4 Days In Central Mongolia

Central Mongolia

  • Family Holidays
  • Spring Tours

Terelj & Khustai National Park Tour, short distance away from the capital, is an excellent extension to a…

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We specialize in creating custom and private tours

All our tours can be arranged as private tours and are all designed to put you in the center. You shall dictate the pace, and we'd be happy to amend and fine-tune your trip while on the road.